I am looking for information on how to build a Wet Room, I don't even know where to begin.

When building a Wet Room, the whole room will need to be made waterproof (the technical term is tanking). The floor may need to be strengthened and will need to be raised by around 5cm to accommodate the waste fittings. The floor must be rigid with a small slope towards the shower waste to ensure that the water drains away. You may wish to consider installing a panel to divide the shower area from the rest of the room in order to keep the basin and toilet dry.

I am considering installing a whirlpool bath - do I need a special water supply?

No, the whirlpool baths use the regular hot and cold supplies of water supplied from all households.

The water tank in our house is not high enough to ensure a high enough pressure. Will I be able to install a shower?

You could either install an integrated power shower or a mixer shower improving the pressure with a booster pump.

What would be the weight of a cast iron bath prior to adding the water?

Heritage has a Buckingham cast bath that weighs 120kg and will hold 200 litres of water.

We have a corner bath, and would like to add a shower screen. Will we be able to find one to fit?

If you check with the original manufacturer you may find that they are able to offer one that specifically fits the make and model of your bath. Alternatively if you contact your local bathroom supplier with the measurements of your bath, they will be able to recommend a suitable model.

Are we able to move the toilet to different wall when redesigning our Bathroom?

The toilet will be positioned next to the soil pipe, which will normally be situated on an outside wall. You can move the toilet but it will need to be connected to the original soil stack. Either boxed in on the inside or you will need to have a new external soil pipe correctly positioned linking in to the new original stack. You need to decide whether or not the upheaval and work involved will improve the layout to warrant the extra cost and possible loss of space. Whatever its new position, the toilet needs to be connected to the soil stack – plumbing alterations can be disguised more easily behind fitted furniture and cabinets, or behind a false wall if you are installing wall-hung fittings.

What sort of shower should we buy for our ensuite bathroom in our new loft conversion?

You may need to add a pump to the system if the base of the cold water tank cannot be raised up to be at least 1m higher than the shower head (and this could prove to be problematical in the loft area). You could consider the range of showers from Sirrus, those in the Ultimate collection, in conjunction with the T155 1.4 pump, may be suitable. If the new shower is to be used frequently, you may need to consider an additional hot water tank as your stored hot water supply may not be able to support two bathrooms simultaneously. Alternatively, an electric shower, that heats water as it is used and which is fed directly from the cold mains supply could provide an alternative. Contact your local supplier for more details.

My shower screen leaks along the bottom edge, can I purchase a new plastic sealing strip?

As all shower screens vary in size, you will need to buy a strip specifically for your screen. Identify the manufacturer of the screen – there is usually a name plate along the metal spine of the screen, which is the part that is fixed to the wall. Contact the spares or customer service department, with the size details of your screen.

My bathroom is constantly messy with bits and bobs everywhere. What can I do?

Why not add some storage to your bathroom. Bathroom furniture provides valuable facilities to store away all your bathroom necessities. There are even items such as linen baskets and cabinets for all your dirty laundry to hide.

Adding storage doesn't have to mean a full bathroom refit - you can add freestanding cabinets around your existing layout. A simple mirrored cabinet above your basin provides a useful place to store toothpaste, shaving products and other essentials.

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